The Sandpit is a digital marketing incubator on a mission. We’re assembling next generation talent around disruptive tech products to push both out of beta and into the world faster. We want someone to join our London team and show us what the next generation is capable of.

We are looking for people that are:

  • Restless, but not angry. Full of potential, don’t want to wait to realise it.
  • Irreverent, but not clowns. When old thinking is an obstacle to progress it doesn’t deserve much respect.
  • Optimistic, but not cheerleaders. We’re comfortable living outside our comfort zones in pursuit of what comes next.
  • Original, but not wankers. We zig when others zag.


Interesting aspects you'll be involved in:

  • Startups: learning how to grow our startups from start to finish
  • Social media: engaging with our tech-savvy clients around the world
  • Beautiful copywriting: telling our stories in unconventional ways and through different platforms
  • Graphic design: producing awe-inspiring designs and helpful infographics
  • Creative fun: splashing graffiti or painting a mural onto our blank office wall
  • Investigation: studying up-coming industries and moving forward with cultural trends
  • Mission statement: writing The Sandpit manifesto

Things you shouldn't expect:

  • The tea kettle to be your best friend
  • Standing next to the photocopy machine all day
  • Running errands for your boss

Prerequisites for the job (suggested but not mandatory):

  • A portfolio of your work or examples of your creative work
  • Previous work experience in similar industries

You will get thrown straight in so you’ll need to be pretty independent and proactive, but the team are very friendly and supportive. There are a lot of opportunities for someone with the right attitude, a bundle of energy and inspiring creative mind to grow with us and learn a lot.

The role will be a few weeks long and will start when you can jump in. Depending on how things go, there could be a full-time permanent job either immediately or at some point in the future when the time is right for you.

To get started, fill out the form to the right.

Good Luck!